Hakata Iklkousha



We just love Tonkotsu Ramen

We,Hakata Ikkousha, have purpose to deliver authentic flavor and quality from Japan.

We love to let the world know what real Hakata ramen is like.

Our location in USA is California and eventually we are ready to expand to all over the USA.

4 Locations in southern California

Ikkousha Little Tokyo Los Angeles Location

Ikkousha Torrance Location

Ikkousha Costa Mesa Location

Ikkousha Lake Forst Location

Our Passion

Never Give Up

image that related to our broth making
image of Sauce and our broth



Never Give Up on Quality

Since it is hard to find noodle what we expect. Our expectation is very high and we never give up on making better quality and taste. so we made noodle and soup factory to deliver the freshest and the most flavorful noodle and broth to our Ikkousha every single day!!

Pioneer of Hakata Ikkousha Ramen

The New Ramen Pioneer, Kousuke Yoshimura, keeps searching for the original tastes. He created 7 different tastes of noodle shops in Japan and overseas.

He keeps running with his motto: "To bring happiness to all the people".

He constantly pursues the most desirable taste and makes every effort to spread "Hakata Ramen" culture to the world.

Logo of Hakata Ikkousha Ramen


Pic of Ikkousha Pioneer Kosuke Yoshimura

Kousuke Yoshimura was born in June 1976 in Fukuoka city.

His father was a sushi-chef and his mother ran a Japanese-style bar. Naturally he got interested in cooking in childhood. Aside from his regular work, he had built up his experience in a gyoza restaurant for two years. He came back to his mother's bar and he devoted himself to cooking. Though those experiences, he completed his original tonkotsu ramen by himself and opened


"Hakata Ikkousha" in Daimyo, Fukuoka.

The shop was named "Ikkousha" with the hope that whoever comes here can find "one" or more "happiness" at the precious "place". He also opened "Hakata Gensuke", which was the very first Tsukemen,dipping ramen,shop in April 2008- Hakata. The concept of the shop is totally different from that of "Ikkousha".